Play FAU-G, not PUBG: Akshay Kumar launches FAU-G gaming app alternative of PUBG, will give 20% revenue to soldiers

The government recently banned pubs.  Now Bollywood star Akshay Kumar has come up with a new gaming app in front of PubG.  Akshay Kumar recently tweeted about this.

 What did Akshay Kumar tweet?
 Akshay Kumar tweeted, “I am proud to launch the action game Fearless & United Guards FAU-G, under the Prime Minister’s self-help campaign.  In addition to entertainment, the players of this game will also learn about the sacrifices made by our soldiers.  20% of the total revenue from this game will be donated to the Bharat or Veer Trust created for our soldiers.

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 The game was developed by Bengaluru-based mobile game publisher n-CORE.
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