67 sarkari madhyamik shalao sharu karva babat paripatra

67 sarkari madhyamik shalao sharu karva babat paripatra
In a meeting with the state government, the board of trustees demanded that the government, which collects billions of rupees in education cess, give students the benefit of fee waiver from this tax amount. Parents are complaining that classroom education is not going to take place in schools and the government should prepare a common guideline and waive the collective fee for three to six months in the current academic year when schools have to pay for examinations and related expenses. It was also submitted by the parents' councils that the education cess levied by the government on every product from every parent in Gujarat should be waived for 6 months from the education cess. It was also complained to the government that the FRC law is not being implemented effectively and the attitude of the government is more from the administrators.
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