If you buy and eat masala-gutkha in secret, beware

An eye-opening case has come up in Surat like this saying of Jesse Karni Vesi Bhar.  Even in the lockdown in Surat, the corona report of a person who was illegally trading in pan-masala and gutkha came positive.

While 2 more corona positive cases have been confirmed in Surat, 2 corona patients living near Adajan Honey Park in Surat have come forward.  One of the patients was found to be trading Mawa Gutkha illegally in a lockdown.

 A woman who came in contact with a Corona patient selling gutka illegally in a lockdown has also been infected with Corona.  Surat Municipal Corporation has quarantined 320 houses of 10 tenements.

Many people are suspected of being infected by contact with the patient

 Many people are suspected to have been infected by contact with a patient trading in gutkha. Currently, 1,280 people have been mass quarantined by the system.

In Surat, positive cases of 456 crore have been reported in which the number has reached 458 with the addition of 2 more.  After Ahmedabad, the highest number of cases in Gujarat has been reported in Surat.  9117 people have been tested in Surat.  3529 people have been quarantined while 13 people have died and 13 have recovered.

 If we look at the situation in Gujarat, the number of corona patients is constantly increasing.  Around 2630 patients have been reported from Corona out of which 258 have recovered while 112 have died.

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